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Garden Design

I have taught many garden designers based in Scotland and understand how important it is to select a designer who will understand and interpret your needs. It is not just about how much a designer charges but more about what you get for your money.

Time spent now assessing a designers ability to satisfy your needs will reap rewards in the future. It is always of benefit to make direct contact to assess personalities and form a good working relationship as design is a very personal process.

It takes more than the ability to create an interesting layout, the knowledge and expertise to give value for money is just as important, especially with low budget projects or complicated changes in level.

Good design goes beyond preparing a list of items for the space. Creating the desired mood to suit your personality and lifestyle is the key to a successful garden. This is achieved by careful planning, attention to detail and a good working relationship with our clients.

Whether we use stone, timber, metal, glass, brick or concrete, the final solution has to reflect the style, function and budget to create a garden with a unique character, rather than this years fashion statement. Fortunately, many homeowners recognise that their gardens are an investment where the financial returns are long term and the enjoyment of the space is instant.

Gardens should reflect our modern lifestyle by developing their social, functional and financial potential. This doesn’t mean that our gardens have to be modern in style, but they should be designed to suit the time we have available to maintain them. A well designed and tended garden promotes well-being.

A selection of garden styles…..traditional, modern, city, rural and country gardens can be viewed in the Design Projects gallery and I'd love the opportunity to discuss your project in detail.
“The greatest compliment is when clients recommend us to friends and colleagues or even ask us back to design another garden”.

Design Classes

For many years now I have imparted my knowledge and experience in garden design to many enthusiastic garden owners. The desire to understand how design can alter the mood and feel for gardens and promote a sense of well-being, is as popular now as it was when I started teaching.

This enthusiasm gave me the encouragement to set up four classes as an introduction to garden and planting design. They are aimed at the recreational market but are equally useful for those first tentative steps into a career in garden design.

Gift vouchers are also available for the Garden and Planting Design classes.

“It’s a great advantage combining teaching with running a design company as one profession compliments the other. I feel it is important to be fully involved in garden design in order to pass on current knowledge and experience to students. Likewise, teaching allows me to constantly reinforce and question design principles and be challenged by the fresh ideas of my students”.

Course Dates

Introduction To Planting Design - 12th/19th November 2012


Introduction to Garden Design - 1st/8th November 2012




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